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John Pappas Furs is the leading fur expert of Long Island. Since 1963, the name John Pappas has been synonymous with fine quality furs. At our shop in Sayville, NY, you’ll find a business owner who’s passionate about what he does. We offer a variety of services including storage, restyling, repairs, cleaning, appraisals and fur rentals. John Pappas has been a furrier for 50 years, offering his skill, knowledge and expertise to the people of New York, and has been running his shop on Long Island for over 30 years now. Stop by our showroom at 4838 Sunrise Highway to see our collection of luxury fur and leather coats including a vast array of accessories 
Top quality fur coat
Cold storage is necessary to maintain the beauty and longevity of your fur garment, especially required during the summer months when it is warm and humid. The climate-controlled vaults, are on the premises.
Designer fur coat
Cleaning and Glazing should be done every year to ensure the intended quality of your fur. This is a cleaning and skin conditioning process that will maintain the original silky, sheen and luster of your garment. 
Professional fur coat restyling
Restyling is always a beneficial way to enhance the look of your garment, whether it is by modifying an older style into a newer one or reconfiguring an inherited garment all-together.
Quality fur coat repair
Our Furriers repair rips, tears, hems, worn fur, buttons, linings and alter furs to suit your needs and desires.


John Pappas Furs | 4838 Sunrise Highway, Sayville, NY 11782 

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